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Millions of children survive in terrible precarious conditions in many disfavoured areas of the world. The Association « Une Main pour un Lendemain » envisions to give its support for Health, Education, Emergencies. We are the ambassadors of your generosity.

« Let’s give them a hand, give them a future »
All together let’s change their daily life…

Your projects can become ours….

Healthcare today in Haiti

 MG 0018

Treatment today in Abricot

The infirmary is sheltered in a hut which provides first aid to the residents of Abricot in precarious conditions. The dispensary financed by Une Main pour un Lendemain will provide decent care under professional, medical and sanitary conditions. It will also facilitate prevention.

Health is an essential part of their future. Volunteer doctors are willing to give their time and skills.

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Urgency : Finish the dispensary in Haiti



During this festive and sharing season, let’s offer Haitians the dispensary that will save many lives! We count on you and your generosity! Une Main pour un Lendemain is, thanks to you, at the last stages of building.

A last boost and we can celebrate together its opening , there are no small donations, only big hearts.

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Urgency : The Philippines : A done deal


The typhooon destroyed everything in its path

Thanks to your donation, many families start to enjoy life again! Ten tricycles for transportation of goods and people, six fishing boats and nets, rebuilding kits adapted to each family selected by the Tacloban Rotary Club, agricultural kits, (tools , fertilizer, plantation) that enabled the families to replace their working tool and to «Live».

Thank you to the Tacloban Rotary Club who was our correspondent and efficient substitute on site.

A big THANK YOU to all of you !

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